Who is Designer Salehe Bembury?

Salehe Bembury is a 35 year old, New Yorker who is the creative genius behind the Yeezy dusty orange combat boot.

Salehe had the opportunity to meet Kanye because of his amazing designs. When meeting Kanye he looked at him and said "change the world" after releasing a great collection he left Yeezy a year later. He sent his resume to Versace, a meeting was set and Bembury was hired on the spot.

The Chain Reaction

The chain reaction is the sneaker that took off for Versace.

"The Chain Reaction, a sneaker that embodies the strongest elements of the Versace identity. Eclectic details create a one-of-a-kind shoe characterized by a lightweight, chain-linked rubber sole that takes inspiration from iconic Versace chain jewellery. Signature elements on the newest Versace sneaker include the iconic Greek Key pattern, the 'Chain Reaction' logo patch and braille 'love' lettering expressing the concept that love is blind.",

Bembury left Versace in January 2021 to pursue his own project.


Spunge is Bembury's up coming brand. He has since collaborated with Vans, New Balance, and Crocs.

Bembury is going to run the shoe game and you should keep an eye out for releases.

September 20, 2021