Trends of 2021 Fashion

In 2021 there are a lot of upcoming trends and some are coming back from other eras. These looks have been recycled from the past with a twist of grunge and streetwear. Here are the top 10 looks.

1. Leather

Leather is making a come back. Leather trench coats were a huge hit in the 90's and now Casablanca has added their own spin on them. The OG trench would be the one similar to the Matrix. Today adding a trench to anything you are wearing adds to your look.

2. Geometric Knitwear

Bringing back the 90's. These sweaters are coming back with a twist, wearing the sweaters oversized and past the waist. For these geometric sweaters they are adding muted tones and floral designs.

3. Red

Red to make a statement. Wearing an all read suit, jogger set, or shirt is great for this season with the holidays coming up. Adding some floral accents or gold will give it a bohemian twist.

4. Varsity Jacket

Varsity jackets are always a hit. They are seen in so many movies, shows, and in high school. But today they are no ordinary varsity jacket. The hackers come in different colors, material, and texture all in one. The fit of the jacket has changed as well.

5. Sandy Tones

Neutral and monochromatic tones are a great way to look put together. It is clean, elegant, and eye-catching. Though the color does not stand out like a bright red, it is great when adding accessories or some gold accents.

6. Oversized Trouser

The oversized trouser is todays definition of streetwear looks. When it comes to streetwear, wearing anything oversized makes the outfit seem effortless. Adding a pair or sneakers or boots is the way to go with these trousers.

7. Caps

Hats are now acceptable with any outfit. Yes, you read that right any outfit. Dad hats, trucker hats, and flat bill hats are being worn with suits, trenches, and sports jackets. The hats that are being worn had a logo in the front, they are not plain, there's color and texture along with style.

8. Turtle Necks

Turtle necks are never going out of style. They have been around forever for the comfort and warmth. Now designers are adding prints and bright colors to give a variety to customers.

9.Statement Tee

Statement T-shirts have a message or a graphic with personality. You can never go wrong with a good t-shirt. On the plus you can find these two t-shirts in our stores.

10. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts can be dressed up or dressed down. These shirts are a classic and can never go wrong. They come in slim sizes, regular fit, and short fit. Polo shirts can have printed patterns, knitted feel, or just plain but is great to be some what dressy or comfortable with a clean look.