What is trending in streetwear for Fall?

When fall comes around many think of hoodies, sweaters, and jackets. But in streetwear there needs to be a mix, add some umf into your fall attire.

Hoodies don't have to be worn with just denim or sweats, it can be made into a unique look.

Grab your hoodie, place an oversize blazer with it. Textured, color, or patterned and then pair it with a simple pair of denim or pants and you have now upped your simple hoodie.

Clashing Colors, we've all been told our clothes should match when it comes to dressing ourselves but what if I told you that's no longer a rule.

Clashing colors is okay when it comes to streetwear. Having multiple colors on makes your outfit stand out. With Fall being in season mono colors are no longer in, it is a free for all when it comes to color clashing.

Chunky Loafers replacing boots?

Chunky loafers are all the rave. Designers have released loafers with a platform to add a bit of height. Placing this with a solid color pants, over sized hoodie and blazer!

September 20, 2021