Streetwear has worked with exclusive models, surprise drops, limited releases, and special collabs. Fast food has now become the trend to wear and even go to take photos of, posting with food; chicken nuggets and a par of Jordans? Thats all the rave.

Collabing with artist has brought attention to McDonalds. McDonalds first launched their meal with Travis Scott but people were not going for the food they wanted the merch. Travis Scott released 100 items of merchandise. It was so popular that McDonalds have collaborated with Jbalvin, Saweetie, and BTS.

Travis Scott McDonalds Merch

Travis Scott came out with 100 pieces of merchandise. These pieces are now reselling for 500 or more. Travis's team did well when it came to the clothing and accessories.

J Balvin McDonalds Merch

J Balvin was next in line to have his own meal. J Balvin is known for his wild style and love for color. He did not release a lot of merch but did have a prize for those who entered in his raffle won a chain. The chain was designed with fries , his signature smily face, and color.

Saweetie McDonalds Merch

Saweetie meal is still available! Her meal is known for its wild taste and her merch is selling left and right. She has also created a McDonalds kids meal.

September 22, 2021