With the new year approaching, new trends are emerging in the streetwear scene. Street fashion is forever evolving but there are some core basics that will remain a staple in any streetwear wardrobe this year. From sneakers to graphic tees, the following lists items everyone in the street fashion scene need in their closets. Get ahead of the fashion curve by investing in our top five streetwear essentials.

1. Sneakers

Sneakers remain the number one staple in urban trends, so it's no surprise that they are top of our list for this year's must haves. All types of sneakers will be seen but canvas and leather are looking to be the most popular. Coordinating the colors in your outfit to your sneakers is an easy way to pull your whole look together so opt for colorful sneaks when looking for a a pair.

2. Unique Shades

Second on our list is shades of course. Sunglasses are a perfect way to add a bit of mystery and edge to a fit. Shades with unique and modern designs have been seen all throughout streetwear looks and are expected to make a rise in trends when this next year hits. Try grabbing a pair with some subtle bling for an elevated look. If you’re not into bling, try elevating the look with a gold trimmed pair.

3. Graphic Tees

Stop what you're doing and find a graphic tee. Our third pick is graphic tees of all kinds albeit they’re simple or even blinged out. This will be a definite requirement for pulling off any streetwear fit this upcoming year-- the baggier, the better! Try sizing up at least one size when purchasing tees for your wardrobe because it’s expected that a looser fitted graphic tee will remain popular this upcoming year.

4. Ballcaps & Hats

Keep a lookout for caps, bucket hats, beanies, etc. this year because hats have made it to number four on our list. Adding a hat to your look gives your outfit a multi-layered look, which adds interest and dimension. Stand out and go for a hats with a pop of color, like orange or neon green or add some neutrals to your closet like army green, black or khaki.

5. Bold Golds

Gold chains, rings and earrings are number five on our top essentials for 2022. Metals and diamonds are always a great go to for juxtaposing dressier elements with an edgy street fit (don’t worry— you don’t need real ones to look fly). Gold jewelry can be paired with just about any look and layered in numerous of ways.

The great thing about streetwear is that there’s no rulebook to creating dope looks. The above are just great ideas to get you started on your street fashion journey but are by no means a requirement. Add some of the elements we mentioned and remain true to your sense of style and amazing outfits will follow!

December 10, 2021