Brace yourselves for POP! The mind-blowing music video by Las Vegas’ own Prynce Ink. The artist is blessing listeners with a new sound and fresh visuals. And we had the chance to get behind the scenes for it.

Prynce Ink brings his energetic performance style to this music video along with his friends and some local dancers. Mixing catchy lyrics and his unique voice,  it's a dance party you never want to end!

Turning heads with threads from the Las Vegas streetwear store, Denmipire. From his hats and jeans to his slick overalls HE KNOWS who to trust when it comes to his outfits. The fusion of sick beats and cutting-edge fashion is out of this world. Denmipire's gear amps up our singer's eccentric style, taking coolness to new heights.

Take a look at his outfits for POP!



POP is a masterpiece that screams individuality. It's explosive, mind-blowing, and leaves you gasping for more. Our local star is a force to be reckoned with!

The vibes were high in the set. You just had to be there! But don't worry, the LyonTrap Studios team was there to capture the vibe with these BTS photos:


Don't miss out on this epic music video. Be blown away by the singer's infectious vibes, killer style, and the jaw-dropping fashion from Denmipire. It's local talent at its finest!

Stay tuned for more electrifying collaborations and style revolutions.